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Social Events

Welcome Cocktail - Monday 6 May, 7:00 pm

Medellin Museum of Modern Art

The Medellin Museum of Modern Art – MAMM – is located in the renovated "Ciudad del Río," a housing and urban development designed to revitalize the charm of the Medellin river. It is a place filled with surprises which welcomes different visitors from a city in constant growth and evolution. Since 2009, its location has ranked MAMM as one of the most charming places in the valley, as it is built on former factory workshops which provide a modern atmosphere that also exudes mystery and sophistication.

Meet and Greet Social Event - Wednesday 8 May, 7:00 pm

Orquideorama, Medellin Botanical Garden

Colombia is the country with the largest variety of orchid species. Orquideorama, a work of architecture that pays tribute to orchids, is located amid the Medellin Botanical Garden, in the northwest part of the city. Designed by local architects and a pride to the city, this space consists of wood and metal panels simulating beehives with hanging trees and flowers, including orchids, butterflies and birds. It is, by definition, the epicenter of the city's fairs and public events, including the Medellin Book Fair and Otro Sabor, as well as concerts, corporate events, and formal receptions.