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Nicolás Antoniello

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Hector Miranda 2397/302, CP 11300, Montevideo, Uruguay

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Nicolás AntonielloNicolás has an Engineer University degree from 'Universidad de la República', Motevideo, Uruguay, in the field of Telecommunications and Electronics.

Since 1998 he has taken courses on Telecommunications and Computer Networks, participating on several Network technologies and Internet related projects.

During years 2000 and 2001 moved to Madrid, Spain, where he took courses on Informatics, Digital Control, Electronics and Computer Networks in ESA (Escuela Superior de Informática), at 'Universidad Complutense de Madrid' Engineering University. Also done some training in WEB design and digital photography.

Since year 2004 he is professor at ORT Engineer University, Montevideo, Uruguay, where he is in charge of the Computer Networks course in one of the carrers.

He is also professor at Electrical Engineering Institute, of 'Universidad de la República' University, Montevideo, Uruguay, since year 2005, where he teaches Electrical Measurements course, as part of the Electrical Engineering degree. He has also conducted some student's final degree thesis at the institute.

He has been IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers) international society Member for seven years. In 2005, in junction with three other people, he created the Uruguayan GOLD technical chapter of the IEEE (, which coordinated and conducted several Telecommunications, Computer and Networking seminars, conferences and courses in Uruguay.

Since year 2003 he works as part of the Engineering staff in the Network Operations Center at ANTEL (Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones), the main Telecommunications Company in Uruguay.

This group is in charge of developing and maintaining all the Internet access infrastructure and public services of the company. He has also participated in many projects of the company.

He is foundation member of the Uruguayan IPv6 Task Force ( created in year 2007. Since then, he have been working as the group coordinator, participating in the organization of technical meetings, tutorials and conferences.

He actively participates in many LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean NIC) regional events, conferences and discussion forums like:

LACNIC policy forum, IPv6 forum (LAC-TF), IXP and NAP forum (NAPLA), LACNIC Security forum, and others.

Also proposed policies modifications (mainly for IPv6 prefix allocation and IPv4 address space exhaustion), some of them being actually discussed, which will be voted at next LACNIC event on May, this year. During year 2008 he got a grant for taking the IGCBP (Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme), conducted by DiploFoudation International Organization (, and completed the "Foundation Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme", the "Advanced Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme" and the final research phase.


Motivation for nomination: Nicolas se ha desempeñado en el cargo de moderador durante el último período. Mantiene desde hace varios años una participación muy activa en temas relativos a Internet como ser políticas públicas y gobernanza así como gran actividad en diversos foros y ámbitos técnicos. Ha dedicado gran parte de su tiempo a desarrollar y dar seguimiento a estos temas e impulsado desde sus diversos roles el desarrollo de Internet y temas relacionados en el país y en la región.

Name of the person who nominated: Rodolfo Fariello

Organization: Antel



  1. Name of supporting individual: Guillermo Cicileo
    Organization: Red de Interconexion Universitaria
  2. Name of supporting individual: Alejandro Acosta
    Organization: BT Latam
    Comment: Nicolas ha demostrado por varios anos capacidad, imparcialidad y vocacion en la moderacion de la lista de politicas, por ello lo considero un excelente candidato para llevar a cargo dicha posicion. Nicolas ha demostrado por varios anos capacidad, imparcialidad y vocacion en la moderacion de la lista de politicas, por ello lo considero un excelente candidato para llevar a cargo dicha posicion.
  3. Name of supporting individual: Flavio Amaral
    Organization: Netflix
  4. Name of supporting individual: Henry Max Larson
    Organization: State University of Haiti
  5. Name of supporting individual: Ricardo Patara
    Organization: NIC:BR