LACNIC Announces the Start of the Final Phase of IPv4 Exhaustion

The Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) announces it has reached the final phase of IPv4 address exhaustion. Policy 11.1 has now been triggered, under which this type of addresses can only be assigned to those organizations that have not yet received IPv4 space from LACNIC.

Plans for IPv4 exhaustion in the LAC region included four phases (numbered from 0 to 3), which you can read more about at the following link:

Today, the region entered the final phase of IPv4 exhaustion. As previously agreed by the community, from now on (phase 3) only those organizations that have not yet received IPv4 space from LACNIC will be elligible to receive IPv4 address space. In addition, only assignments ranging from 1,024 (/22) to 256 (/24) addresses will be made.

A pool of 4,698,112 IP addresses has been reserved for phase 3, although this number is likely to increase somewhat in the coming months as all revoked and recovered IPv4 space will be added to this pool, as will the space received post-exhaustion by the IANA.

In light of this situation, LACNIC encourages the community to adopt the IPv6 protocol so that connectivity providers and organizations will be able to meet the demands of their customers and new Internet users throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.