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Process and Requirements for Board elections

Process and Requirements for Board elections


LACNIC's Board of Directors consists of seven members holding the following honorary positions:


Vice President


Deputy Treasurer


Deputy Secretary


These positions are assigned by the Directors themselves before the start of each year (during the previous year's final meeting) and may vary from year to year.

Directors shall each serve a term of three years and may be reelected as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements. Directors are partially renewed each year in groups of two or three (as applicable).

LACNIC's Executive Director/CEO participates in Board meetings with rights equal to those of a director, except for the right to vote.

Meet our Directors:



LACNIC's Board of Directors holds regular meetings (approximately 10 times a year) through telephone or web-based conferences.

In addition, two face-to-face meetings are scheduled each year, the first on the Sunday afternoon prior to the May LACNIC meeting, the second usually in late November or early December in the city of Montevideo (unless the Board decides otherwise).

Remote meetings are usually held between 1100 UTC and 1800 UTC and last approximately two hours.

The Secretary is responsible for keeping the meeting minutes (in absence of the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary will assume this duty).

Events Participation

Directors are expected to attend the Board's face-to-face meetings and to participate in all activities scheduled during the May meeting.

In addition, the Board approves a travel plan which usually consists of 2 or 3 trips for each Director to attend other important meetings, such as the meetings of other RIRs, major forums and others.

Code of Conduct

Just as LACNIC staff, Directors are governed by our Code of Conduct.

Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors

Members of the Board serve in an individual capacity, not as representatives of any member organization to which they may belong.

Members of the Board have the following powers and responsibilities:

  1. Executing Assembly decisions and enforcing LACNIC's bylaws and regulations.

  2. Undertaking the administration of LACNIC.

  3. Summoning Member Assemblies.

  4. Deciding the admittance of those requesting membership.

  5. Expelling or penalizing members.

  6. Responsibility over LACNIC's staff.

  7. Presenting the Annual Report, General Balance Sheet, Inventory, Expense and Income Account, and Fiscal Commission Report before the Ordinary General Assembly.

  8. Issuing any internal regulations needed to fulfill LACNIC's objectives, which must then be approved by the Assembly.

  9. Approving LACNIC's development methodologies.

  10. Approving policies managing and allocating the Internet resources under LACNIC's responsibility.

For more information on the Board's attributions and duties, please see Article 26 of LACNIC's bylaws.

Elections - How to be Nominated for a Position on the Board

Under the provisions of Chapter V of LACNIC's Bylaws, the Electoral Commission annually issues a call for candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors. Elections for appointing members of the Board are held subject to the following conditions:

Nomination requirements:

  • Being nominated by a member organization's membership contact.

  • The organization presenting the nomination must be current with their membership fees.

  • Nominees may or may not belong to the organization submitting their nomination.

Restrictions regarding candidate nomination and election:

According to Article 20 of LACNIC's Bylaws:

Members of the Board of Directors are subject to the following incompatibilities:

  • Not more than two Directors may be domiciled in the same country.

  • Not more than one Director may be an employee, consultant or advisor of the same Company or Organization and/or of one of its Related Companies, whether established in the same country or not.


Voting is conducted electronically on LACNIC's elections system.

Members have the right to nominate one candidate for each seat to be filled.

Each member organization has a designated representative (their membership contact) who has the right to vote on behalf of the organization he or she represents. This person will be duly contacted via email and provided with the details of the election, voting instructions, and the information that will be requested at the time of voting. The membership contact's name and email address must be on file with LACNIC. The accuracy of this information is solely the member's responsibility; LACNIC will in no way be responsible for updating this information.

As from the date on which LACNIC sends out the email containing the details of the election, members will have 15 days to inquire about the nature of their membership (category to which they belong, number of votes, or any other question considered relevant).