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Organizations that receive IP addresses directly from LACNIC automatically become members. According the size of the address space each organization administers, there are different member categories and levels. Membership is open to any interested person or organization; this means that those organizations that do not receive IP addresses directly from LACNIC can also apply for membership.

It is not necessary to become a member of LACNIC prior to applying for IP address space (or any other resource), nor will doing so make it easier to obtain them.

For detailed information about member categories, rights, and obligations see: Bylaws

According to LACNIC bylaws the membership fee for Active A members is included in their annual renewal fees.

Adhering Membersshould complete the Membership Application Form and pay the annual USD 600 membership fee.

Note: Please note that organizations that hold only Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) from LACNIC willing to apply for membership, must complete the Membership Application Form and pay the USD 600 annual membership fee.


LACNIC members are encouraged to attend the Open Policy Meetings, subscribe to the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" and "POLICIES" mailing lists, and exercise their right to vote in LACNIC elections.

Should you have any questions on how to join, how to update your member representative information please, contact the Member Services Department at: membresia@lacnic.net